Guilty Pleasure ♥

Hi Angelica Here ▬ ♥
A Junior at Marigondon♥
I blow my Candles Every 19th day of December.
Well, I Spend most of my time online.
I'm much of a listener than a talker, even if i'm the most hyper and most talkative person in the class.
I'm an avid reader of Harry Potter , Heroes of Olympus, Hunger Games , I am Number Four. etc.
I Also read stories at wattpad.

A Lover of: KathNiel | Peeta | Katniss | Harry | Hermione | Ron | Luna | Ginny♥ | Annabeth | Percy | Piper | Leo
District 9 | Hogwarts| Panem | Ravenclaw

I love Taylor Swift's SONGS ☺

I love watching GLEE , The Secret Circle , Pretty Little Liars , and The Vampire Diaries etc. ♥♥♥

I'm an aspiring mathematician/photographer/accountant/doctor and engineer ;)

And lastly I came from a Happy Family!

Know me very well, before you judge me.
Thanks for visiting lovelots ;))

I live in a KATHNIEL PLANET ☺☺☺

I do not own any photos seen in my blog unless stated. Please read my faqs page or message me if you have any other issues. Thank you.

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I reblog things that make me happy and make people believe in fairies and happy endings. I like to read books which takes me to another world and fall in love with a fictional character. Sweets makes me extremely satisfied. Thank you for viewing my blog, I hope this could make you smile!

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